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Duration: 2 days (14 hours including breaks)

Time: 10am - 5pm (Lunch included)

Course Objective & Outline:

This course is designed to allow participants to understand the concept and subject knowledge of Gelato Technology. From this course participants will gain the skills to create gelato recipes and balancing the recipe to making Gelato from scratch using the recipe they have created.

This is a course for complete knowledge to start a Gelato business.

Day 1 Theory

  • The Origins of Ice Cream
  • Knowledge of artisan ice cream and industrial ice cream
  • Introduction to raw ingredients and substitute sugars
  • Formulation of Sorbet and Sherbets – solid, anti-freezing (AFP) and sweetness calculations
  • Recipes creation and calculation

Day 2 Hands-on & Theory

  • Hands-on Sorbets recipe prepared on 1st Day
  • Formulation of Gelato, ice cream and yogurt recipes – solids, anti-freezing (AFP), fats, non-fat milk solid and sweetness calculation
  • Gelato in Asia – how to make the gelato for the Asia customer
  • Recipe creation, balancing and calculation
  • Gelato machine operation and cleaning
  • Gelato business presentation