Green Coffee Beans

At TCS, We have a selection of Single origin Green coffee beans for you to roast your own coffee at home. We also offer roast on demand services.


green bean

Region: Islands

Papua New Guinea Sigri A

Process: Washed

Region:  Wahgi Valley, Western Highlands Province

Altitude: 1550m above sea level

Cup Profile: Very chocolaty / caramel type of coffee. One can balance orange-ish soft fruit acidity into the mix which is a big plus to the depth of flavor.

Region: Latin America

Panama Typica bernina Estate

Process: Washed

Region: La Berlina, Panama

Altitude: 1400 - 1800m above sea level

Cup Profile: Balanced, moderate sweetness, hints of chocolate and citrus.



Brazil Yellow Bourbon Cachoeira

Process: Pulped Natural

Region: Mogiana (São Paulo)

Altitude: 1100 - 1250m above sea level

Cup Profile: Honey peanut butter and raisin, sweet and nutty aftertaste.




Guatemala Genuine Antigua

Process: Wet

Region: Antigua, Guatemala

Altitude: 1600m above sea Level

Cup Profile: Rich aroma and elegant sweet taste. Elegant acidity, fine fruitness, full rounded body. Sweet hints of honey, hazelnut, nutmeg along with a syrup body and mild acidity.

El Salvador Shangri la

Process: Washed and Sun Dried

Region: El Salvador, Shangrila

Altitude: 1400m above sea level

Cup Profile: Aroma / flavor green grapes, peach, raspberry blackberry cranberry honey aroma milk chocolate dried fruit plum acidity fresh lively notes well balanced.

Decaffeinated Colombia

Process: Chemical / Methylene Chloride

Region: Hulia

Altitude: 1500 - 1800m above sea level

Cup Profile: Exhibits a very fine full flavoured body and brightness along with an exquisite balance and milk chocolate notes, clean cup.

Colombia Excelso (Organic)

Process: Fully Washed

Region: Tolima / El Libano

Altitude: 1500 to 1800m above sea level

Cup Profile: Floral, chocolaty, rich in flavor, medium bodied and bright acidity & intensely aromatics.

Nicaragua Caturra - Organic 

Process: Washed

Region: Plan de Grama

Altitude: 1200 to 1800m above sea level

Cup Profile: Clean, balanced and refreshing flavours with delicate notes, medium body acidity and a sweet finish chocolate tones.


Region: Africa

Burundi Arabica Butemba

Process: Wet

Region: Burundi - GITEGA Province and BURAZA Commune

Altitude: 1557m above sea level

Cup Profile:  Full body, clean, medium acidity and well balanced flavour. Red Currant Aroma, Cherry and Jasmine flavour with winey acidity.

Tanzania Kilimanjaro

Process:  Fully Washed

Region: Ngoronogo Volcanic Crater

Altitude: **Highest mountain in northeastern Tanzania 5893m (19 334 feet)

Cup Profile: Exhibits a very fine body and brightness along with an exquisite balance and a zesty, sweet & clean cup.


Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

Process: Dried, Natural

Region: Yigacheffee / Kochere

Altitude: 1800 - 2050m above sea level

Cup Profile: Incredible fruit sweetness. with floral aroma crisp silky body, lingering & pleasant mouthfeel.


Regions: Asia

Sumatra Mandheling

Process: Semi Washed

Region: Indonesia, Gayo Highlands

Altitude: 1200 - 1300m

Cup Profile: Heavy body, low acidity, herbal with notes of clove.

Indonesia Flores Arabica

Process: Full washed, Honey Process

Region: Indonesia, Colol., Mangarai

Altitude: At least 1300m above sea level

Cup Profile: Full body medium acidity,  clean and balance taste. Sweet flowery notes.






Java Robusta

Process: Washed WIB

Region: Indonesia, Central Java & East Java (Volcano mount)

Altitude: 500 - 950m above sea level

Cup Profile: Full bodied, mixed natural floral flavor with unique nutty aroma. Low acidity and have a sense of balance by the final taste of herbs.

Laos Arabica G1 Bolaven

Process: Washed

Region: Bolaven Plateau (South)

Altitude: 1000 - 1300m above sea level

Cup Profile: Full body with nutty and caramel sweet flavours. Low acidity. Ending with Tobacco notes aftertaste.



Enjoy Freshly Roasted Single Origin Coffee Beans which are Roasted in Singapore daily based on your demand. 

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