Learn more about TEEKANNE, the tea purveyor that is bringing you the finest tea experiences since 1882.

Teekanne GmbH & Co. KG, Düsseldorf, Germany combines more than 125 years of tea experience with the ability to continously develop the category with innovative product varieties and taste experiences. Teekanne is leading the German tea market (value, source: ACNielsen Scantrack), the world’s biggest fruit and herbal tea market. Teekanne engineers developed the double chamber tea bag which is used by millions of consumers all over the world.

Today, the Teekanne Group with 1,500 employees is represented with production facilities and/or sales organizations in seven countries around the world. Through our international distribution partners we are selling our teas to more than 50 countries. TEEKANNE, this is TEA MAKING SINCE 1882, from black tea to green and white tea, from herbal and fruit tea to rooibos tea.

classic eng bf

English Breakfast Tea

The ‘classic’ English Breakfast tea blend, full-bodied and aromatic. A great way to start your day with.

(20 sachets/box)

earl grey

Earl Grey

Light and flowery composition of teas from selected tea gardens. It is scented with delicate bergamot flavour which gives this truly ‚classic‘ tea a fresh and fruity taste.

(20 sachets/box)

strawberry lemongrass

Green Tea Strawberry and Lemongrass

Fruity and refreshing at the same time.

(20 sachets/box)

premium green tea

Premium Green Tea

A premium green tea specially blended to produce a pleasant taste

(20 sachets/box)

rooibos vanilla

Rooibos Vanilla

Mild-aromatic rooibos tea from South Africa with the creamy flavour of vanilla. The perfect drink for anytime of the day.

(20 sachets/box)

ginger lemon

Ginger Lemon

A lively herbal blend of spicy ginger with
refreshing lemongrass and lemon. A hint
of lemon myrtle rounds up this all-natural
and caffeine-free blend giving it an
extraordinary and vitalizing taste.

(20 sachets/box)


Chamomile Flowers

Delightful and relaxing infusion with a
delicate, flowery taste. Full of essential
oils, Camomile Flowers are one of the
most popular herbs in Europe and they
are especially well-known for their
soothing properties, making this infusion
an ideal drink in the evening.

(20 sachets/box)


Rosehip and Hibiscus Flowers

A pleasant combination of sweet Rosehip
and sour Hibiscus Flowers. The infusion
has a gentle fragrance and a highly
aromatic taste. Indulge yourself with this
healthy thirst-quenching drink and enjoy
the beauty of this brightly reddish brew.

(20 sachets/box)

turkish apple

Turkish Apple

TEEKANNE Turkish Apple takes you on a
journey into the fascinating world of
Turkey, situated between the
Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea,
between Asia and Europe, is famous
among travellers for its hospitality. The
taste of this fruit infusion is as
extraordinary as the country itself – sweet
and fruity at the same time.

(20 sachets/box)

spanish orange

Spanish Orange

Experience the Mediterranean zest for life
and get carried away by the famous
Spanish temperament. Enjoy the sweet
taste of sun-ripened oranges that is
rounded off with the deliciousflavour of
juicy peaches. The taste of this fruit
infusion is as exciting as the country –
fruity and Mediterranean at the same

(20 sachets/box)