TCS House Blend

The Coffee scent has been producing the finest and freshest coffee beans possible and deliver products and service that are unparalleled in the marketplace.


TCS House Blend All Day 

Roasted purely without any additional ingredients, appearance of a dark brown hazelnut colour, equipped with a floral, fruity, heavy bodied, chocolaty and enticing nutty after taste with a floral aroma that will simply make you feel complete, not to mention also a healthier choice!

Origin: Brazil, Colombia, Bali

super aroma

TCS Super Aroma Gourmet Coffee Bean

Our TCS Super Aroma Gourmet Coffee Beans is roasted purely without additional ingredients. Super exquisite aroma at full city roast. Rich, Smooth & Full body taste, Mellow with Nutty taste. Excellent to serve with steamed milk for a perfect cup of Cappuccino or Latte.

Body Level: 5

Aroma Level: 5

Acidity Level: 2

Origin: Brazil, Timor, Colombia

urban espresso

TCS Urban Espresso Gourmet Coffee Bean

Tcs Urban Espresso Blend Coffee Bean is roasted purely with selected 100% Arabica Coffee Bean. Intense dark cocoa & caramel aroma at full city roast. Bright & smooth, creamy & chocolaty full body taste. Fruity acid ending note with nutty after-taste. Excellent to serve as perfect espresso, black and milk beverages.

Body Level: 4

Aroma Level: 5

Acidity Level: 3

Origin: Brazil, Colombia, Uganda, Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

Coffee Time 1kg

TCS Rhinoceros Coffee Time Blend Coffee Bean 

Specially blended, dark roasted coffee bean, low in acid, has a tastier and richer strong bodied flavor paired with a strong aroma, absolutely perfect for the long term Nanyang kopi lover transitioning into the healthy Gourmet Coffee World.

Origin: Brazil, Colombia & Vietnam (80% Arabica & 20% Robusta)

Sumatra Mandheling 500g

TCS Sumatra Mandheling Blend Coffee Bean

This All Day Coffee has a traditional volcanic and earthly Indonesian profile with a bittersweet chocolate taste highlighted by a soft cherry, raisin note. The sassy and spicy finish adds to the balance of this full-bodied and mildly acidic coffee.

Origin: Indonesia, Northern Sumatra, Aceh, Brazil


TCS Special Ice Coffee Blend Coffee Bean

Specially blended and roasted to achieve the clear golden coffee appearance held together with a well-balanced, full-bodied taste dawned by a subtle hint of a fruity after taste, this mildly acidic coffee is best served as a Cold Brew or Ice Drip Coffee Brew.

Origin: Indonesia, Northern Sumatra, Aceh, Brazil


TCS Royal 118 Blend Gourmet Coffee Bean

Carefully full city roasted with selected 100% Arabica Coffee Beans from 3 selected farms in Brazil, this low acidic coffee has a smooth, creamy and full-bodied taste with a nutty after taste finishing. Perfect for an Italian Clean Tasted Espresso cappa.

Origin: Brazil, Brazil, Brazil (3 farms)


TCS Royal 78 Blend Gourmet Coffee Bean

Specially Blended to achieve the title of Best Aroma Coffee, this carefully city roasted coffee will overwhelm you with a well balanced body and rich aroma with an ending note of a sweet winey after-taste. Brilliant for both White and black coffee.

Origin: Brazil, Brazil (2 farms), Java Robusta


TCS Royal 58 Blend Gourmet Coffee Bean

Specially blended to satisfy the needs of a strong coffee drinker, the carefully full city plus roasted coffee will give off a strong bodied, low acidic, with a never ending winey after taste, it has an absolutely strong aroma, that will be sure to give you the royal treatment. Perfectly served as White or Black Coffee.

Origin: Brazil, Brazil (2 farms), Java Robusta