CafeGrano 130

The fine art of grinding coffee beans: An especially good roast deserves to be properly ground. Whether you're grinding for a little espresso machine, a traditional coffee-maker or just for a hand-brewed coffee - CafeGranp has been designed with precisely the right settings to get the very best out of every bean. We've ensured the grinding process is perfectly timed. In short, CafeGrano is a coffee grinder designed to bring out the full taste and aroma of freshly-ground coffee.


Overview of the technical features:

  • Multi-stage grinding operation
  • Gentle grinding to lock in the flavour
  • Adjustable grinding quantity and duration
  • Transparent, removable coffee powder holder
  • Transparent, removable coffee bean holder (200 g)
  • High-quality, hardened steel conical grinder
  • Cord storage

Cafe Grano 130

CafeGrano 130

Adjustable grinding setting with 16 different settings, you can grind coarse coffee for press pots as well fine grinding for espresso machines.